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Indian Tourism Industry

Written By: Kite

India tourism

Twenty years ago, India was not on any tourist or investment map. That all changed approaching the 1990s when, as economists have described it, “a miracle happened.” India began to experience double income growth initially because of outsourcing services, and then in IT. As a result the tourism industry of India experienced a dramatic surge which continues today. Foreign visitors not only wanted to be a part of the boom, they also wanted to see and experience India.

The bright future for the tourism industry in India has been confirmed by almost every major international travel agency in world. Tourism is the second higher foreign exchange income earner for India, boosted by the government firm grasp on what needs to be done to foster good tourism.

Aside from the contribution from India’s business sector, the tourism industry was also spurred on by other factors. Suddenly, India’s middle class began to prosper and travel. Their disposable income grew as more jobs and business opportunities opened up.  They were earning more than ever before.

At the same time, the government launched Incredible India, which was a full-blown international promotional campaign complete with all the wonderful pictures of India. Imagine someone from halfway across the world being showed pictures of snake charmers and beautiful rugs like an Aladdin movie come alive; or a wondrous sights and the awesome power of the Taj Mahal. The country beckoned and people came in droves, inspired by Incredible India photos and wanting to see the pictures come alive.

Part of the program of the government is to make sure that every region and state maintain a certain standard of excellence tourists will expect. The world-class facilities extended to medical tourism aside from recreational tourism. Its citizens supported the program and this brought about an incredible richness to practically everyone in India. New businesses and industries began to open and employment figures reached an all-time high. Foreign investors were able to come in and set up their business without need for prior government approval as long as equity did not go over 51%. Taxes were adjusted to encourage hotels, concessions, and all tourist-related companies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends certain vaccines for those planning to visit India. Injuries and illnesses can occur any time and domestic health insurance may have limited coverage overseas. The tourists visiting are encouraged to be covered by Visitor health insurance which provides a financial backup in case of any medical emergency in a foreign country.

India is incredible and is now one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world!